law memo a 750 words essay 1

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[Write about the law you think in your opinion is the most important or significant law you have learned about this semester. Briefly state the reasons you think this law is significant.]

[Describe the background of the law, what societal conditions or factors may have motivated the creation of the law. What problem in employment, if any, was the law trying to address? Be sure to discuss what the law does, what agency enforces it, and if an individual can privately enforce the law by a lawsuit. Describe any penalties that may apply for violations of the law.]

[In this section, discuss how well you think the law has functioned in employment and why you think that is important. Some other topics you may want to discuss are: Has the law achieved its goals or failed to make a difference? In what ways could the law be improved? Do companies and employees equally benefit from the law, and if so, how? Provide any other thoughts or insights you may have.]

[The Conclusion is a summary that brings all the parts of the memo together in a few sentences. For example, a Conclusion on a memo about the FLSA might state: “The FLSA is one of the most significant laws that were enacted during the Great Depression. It established a national uniform minimum wage, overtime rules, and abolished child labor. No other law has ever done so much for so many people.”]

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