reflection paper 472

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Reflection Paper 1


For the past few weeks, you have been busy learning the basics of digital literacy, how to be safe online and how to use the key features and functions in Excel. Reflection is a skill that needs development as much as writing, reading, or any other academic competency. In this assignment, you will reflect on your key learnings and takeaways so far in the course.

Activity Instructions

For this short written reflection, here are some guiding questions to help you express what you have learned so far in the course:

So far we have covered a lot of material, including computers, software, devices along with the world wide web, email, and risks that are possible when using these platforms. What concepts have you struggled with? Why? What could improve your understanding?

What assignments or readings this week did you find particularly helpful? Explain why.

How might you use some of the Excel skills in your academic or professional career?

Writing and Submission Instructions

A minimum of 1-2 pages in length

Utilize the APA Template we created

For grading, review the Reflection Grading Rubric. CST111 Reflection Grading Rubric

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