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Task 1: Main features of content management & Encryption of E-Payment. (20 Marks)

Expectation: Identifying and analyze the main features of CMS and Electronic payment methods.

Task 2 Task 2.1: Analysis of the current website including Content and related info. (10 Marks)

Expectation: Required to provide the analysis of the Task 2.2: Evaluate the e-commerce website, identifying the possible weaknesses based on website evaluation. (10 Marks)

Task 2.3: Suggested business improvements to the website using e-commerce strategy. (How would you improve the business cycle? would you add more info or reduce the info displayed about the services or products? etc.) (10 Marks)

Task 2.4: Suggested technical improvements to the website. i) How would you increase the speed of loading of the website? ii) How would you provide the site with more security? (10 Marks)

Task 2.5: Snapshots for any chosen website to overcome the limitations of selected organization. (10 Marks)

Expectation: At least two snapshots must be provided for the solution of the issues in current website

Task 2.6: Conclusion

(10 Marks) Expectation: Conclusion should be based on the key points for four of the given criteria for both the tasks.

Task 2.7: Format & referencing (10 Marks) Expectation: Total compliance of the academic report writing format.


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