research essay about forensics

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This is the final paper in my criminalistics class, my major is forensic science and we study about fingerprints and blood stains etc..

this paper can be about any subject of forensic science, you can choose between DNA and fingerprints tool marks or foot impressions or whatever is beneficial in forensics today.

The purpose of this paper is to develop an argument on a specific topic and provide persuasive support for your thesis, using strong reasoning and clear evidence. Sources obtained through research on a specific topic should be expanded upon and developed into a formal, well written, persuasive research paper. A formal research paper will follow certain grammatical conventions not found in less formal writing styles, such as reaction papers, film reviews, etc. Audience: an academic audience and all others interested in the topic Purpose: develop an argument and provide persuasive support for your thesis using strong reasoning and clear evidence. Length: 6-8 typed pages. Format: APA Style. Topic Selection: The topic for your research paper can be your choice of any substantive or theoretical concepts in the field of criminalistics/crime scene investigations.

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