write an assessment based on all of these requirements below

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Hugo Crosthwaite is a local artist. Raised in Rosarito, B.C., Mexico, just an hour south of us! He’s also a San Diego State Alumni, where many of you may end up transferring to (and also my alma mater). As a San Diegan I feel honored to know Hugo personally and to have his incredible work draw much needed attention to our border region and the strife that so many individuals endure because of the dangerous conditions and uncertain futures that are faced here in our very own backyard.

Hugo created a stop animation film based on his drawings as seen and described below. He won a very prestigious Portraiture award from the Smithsonian just last month.

Washington Post excerpt: “The title of this year’s winning work, by Hugo Crosthwaite, tells us the name of the person represented in the artist’s three-minute stop-motion animation of black-and-white drawings. It is “A Portrait of Berenice Sarmiento Chávez,” a young woman from Tijuana, Mexico, who is seeking a better life in the United States. Her face emerges from a blank space, like a piece of paper or canvas, and then we watch as her body is sketched in, as though she’s materialized from nothing. In a series of brief vignettes, we learn about the danger that she, like other migrants, has faced, including violence and sexual harassment.”


  1. Watch all the videos, and read the articles in the links provided. ALL of them.
  2. Write an assessment based on ALL of these REQUIREMENTS below.








This link is to the gallery that he is represented by in Los Angeles. It has biography information and other images of this works.


This link is to his project at Liberty Station in Point Loma.



  1. Watch all the videos and read all the links to articles.
  2. Answer all of the questions below in the same numbered format.
    1. In your own words, what is Hugo’s film about?
    2. What is the theme? How so, please describe. You must use the exact theme names that the textbook uses. Be clear in identifying this.
    3. What Visual Elements of Design does he use? How so, please describe.
    4. What is the Medium/Media of the artwork? The specific process?
    5. How do YOU relate to this work. How can YOU relate to this work? This must be answered.
    6. Do you think that this work is ONLY understood from living here, near this border? OR do you think that this border “story” can relate to OTHER borders? Describe in detail why you feel the way you do.
  3. You MUST use the numbered formatting, the proper theme terminology, visual element, medium, etc and all proper terminology that is used in our textbook. Do not just list the terms; you must explain HOW it qualifies as such.
  4. You MUST USE ALL of the links and his video as part of your citations. That means you do have to refer back to that information and reference it.
  5. You must Cite Properly. Click here for help.
  6. Do not over cite- if you do not use enough of your own thoughts and ideas, you will not earn credit. I really want to know what YOU think; do not just repeat the information on the links to me. You may use them to backup your own ideas of course.


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