eyjafjallajokull volcano

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1. Eyjafallajokull is a volcano in Ice Land.

2. During a recent eruption, the volcano spewed out copious amounts of ash.

3. One small piece of ash was ejected from the volcano with an initial velocity of 336ft/sec.

4. The height H, in feet, of the ash projectile is given by the equation: H= -16t^2 +336t Where t is the time in seconds.

5. the graph of this equation will be a parabola.

6. We will assume that the volcano has no height. H= 0 at t= 0.

7. When does the ash projectile reach its maximum height.

8. What is it’s maximum height?

9. When does the ash projectile return to the ground.

10. Remember to type and save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

11. Show all your steps and use Microsoft Equation Editor to render all your algebraic expression.


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