supply chain paper 7 pages duble space and presentation 3-5 slides

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Supply Chain Paper and Presentation: This is an individual project. The student should choose an organization involved in supply chain management or a firm that the text highlights, and the student will do a strategic evaluation of the company, internally, as well as external opportunities and threats, critical analysis and strategic recommendations based on your findings. The paper should be at least 7 pages, double spaced, standard margins and 12 pt. font size, with no grammatical or spelling errors. The PowerPoint should be 3-5 slides and the PowerPoint should demonstrate technical savvy, be visually pleasing, and the content should be a brief summary of your findings and recommendations as you think critically. Example companies could include: suppliers, shippers, logistic companies, auditing companies, transportation management companies, inventory management companies/ software. If you have a question, reach out to me. The presentation only has to be a PowerPoint. You do not have to do a video.

Paper: 150 points, Presentation: 50 points.

Your paper should follow the outline below:

Executive Summary- do this section last. Here, you will report the highlights of your findings and strategic recommendations.

Background/ History

Market landscape and competitive environment

SWOT Analysis- remember that opportunities and threats are EXTERNAL. Points will be deducted if not correct.

Works Cited

The paper should be 5-7 pages. Use at least 3 scholarly sources and cite within paper. Do not plagiarize in any form. Blackboard will check automatically for this. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a zero for the assignment and course. I strongly urge you to take your paper to the writing lab for review before you submit. Incorrect spelling, grammar and verb/ tense usage will result in major point deductions. This is an upper level course and your submission should correlate.

Your PowerPoint should be 3-5 slides with photos, video, etc. It should demonstrate technically savvy. You may follow the outline below if you wish:

Background/ History

Market/ Competitive landscape- what is going on in the market, who are major competitors


Strategic Recommendations

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