Marketing Research RFP

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Hello this a Request for Proposal Research project due on the 22nd of March at 9:00 pm i have all the detailes and the requirments and a sample of that research as well.

You are the marketing manager for the Regional Food 4 Less stores for the San Joaquin Valley.

You are to create a complete request for proposal (RFP) for a research project. This is concerning the central valley

market from Modesto to Bakersfield. You want a research project that randomly surveys the whole market region. The following are specific items for your RFP. Remember you are writing this to solicit information and output from a research firm concerning these issues. You are requesting information about the following parameters and protocols. Make it clear that this is the minimum you are expecting and that if they have better or more effective tools/techniques that could enhance the overall project you desire and expect their input. For each of the following write out what is needed to explain to the Research Vendors so they can understand the RFP process and deliverables required.

 a) Business experience in this area

 b) Their past performance and achievements

 c) Information about their company, skills & people

 d) Ideas they might propose on how to improve the research

 e) Instructions on how to reply

 f) Due date

 g) List of items which the suppliers are proposing on

 h) How we evaluate proposals; How feedback will work between our organizations

 i) Describe the process for selection of the best proposal

 j) Request for cost breakdown of project

 k) Communication: cover letter (sets the stage), follow up letter after a phone call finding out interest.

 l) Who to contact with questions

 m) Give them a limited sample of a questionnaire you feel sets a direction you expect concerning customer

attitudes and perceptions of Food 4 Less and their products/services. You want a 98% chance of statistical

accuracy. Create an example of a questionnaire with 10 investigative and 3 demographic questions. Use a

variety of scales – Likert, polarized, verbal, or numbered. Once you have created the questionnaire –

simulate data for your questions (simulate 30 people answering the questions and show your data table). Then

create 5 graphs showing the results of any 5 of your investigative questions.

A Sample attached as well.

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