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Post your 100 word response as: Last name, A, or B, C, or D.  Example…. Williams, B.  This activity does not require the standard course cover page.

A. Is it accurate to claim that sustainability is now a core value for U.S. Americans? Explain.

B. One way to clearly see the impact of shifting cultural values on consumption is to look at the increasing emphasis on the importance of health and wellness.  In recent years, top-performing new food/beverage products featured items with natural or organic ingredients, such as Chobani yogurt and Nature’s Pride bread.  Where is the trend going?    Is it just temporary or does it reflect a more permanent change in how U.S. Americans look at what they eat and drink?

C. Who is to blame for the “Big 3” auto manufacturers and their economic difficulties?  Can this issue be related to changing American values?

D. Cause-related marketing (CRM) is marketing that ties a company and its products to an issue or cause with the goal to improve sales and corporate image while providing benefits to the cause. Can you explain the success of cause-related marketing to strongly held American values?

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