Religion1320 The Old Testament Story. Chapter 6 study questions

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The ISBN:9780205097838. Please answer questions in discussion form with evidence from book or bible if possible. This is Chapter 6 study guide questions for the Old Testament Story by John H. Tullock. What attitudes toward the monarchy are present in the book of Samuel and Kings

what was the court history of David? How did it different from usual account of the reins of ancient team?

In what ways are the birth stories of Samuel and Isaac similar?

Why was Samuel turned over to Eli at such an early age?

In what ways did Samuel act as judge, prophet, and priest?

What series of events caused Israel to unite and eventually choose a king?

What was the significance of the ceremony of anointing?

Why should Samuel be described as king maker and king breaker?

Why was Saul chosen as king over Israel?

What were Saul’s strengths and weaknesses as a king?

Why did Samuel turn against Saul?

How many times was David anointed, and when did he actually become king?

What are the two different versions of how Saul and David met? What does this seem to say about the sources used in writing the Deuteronomistic history?

What was David’s relationship to Saul and his family?

Why did David not to kill Saul and take over the kingdom?

What does the story of David and Abigail indicate about David’s relations to the people during his outlaw period?

Why did David join forces with the Philistines?

How did David react to the deaths of Saul and Jonathan, and what motivations may have caused his behavior?

How did David eventually become over all of Israel?

In the process of becoming king over all of Israel, what did David do to allay the suspicions of the supporters of Saul and his family?

What made Jerusalem the logical choice for the capital?

Where were the long-term effects of David’s affair with Bathsheba?

What seemed to be Nathan’s role in David’s court?

How did Absalom undermine David, and what were the results of his rebellion?

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