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When we work with people, we have to consider their needs when we communicate with them. This just makes sense.

Sometimes, we get complaints from clients or customers and have to respond. Sometimes, we have to work with our employees to solve problems within the organization that are tricky to negotiate without creating negative workplace environments. And sometimes we have to talk to suppliers or contractors about behaviors or practices that do not meet our expectations.

One place where we can analyze the writing of others in response to the needs of actual others is on This is a social media site where people review local businesses to help others in the community make informed decisions about where to spend their money on goods and services (categories are set up to help you search for business reviews to suit your needs). Because users understand that they are writing to other community users, as well as to the business managers and owners, they have a clear sense of audience, as well as purpose. And because business owners and managers can respond to reviews through the Yelp! For Business Owners application, users on both sides can engage in a conversation, of sorts, about the reviewer’s experience with the business.

In this unit’s study, you were asked to find an online review. Use that review to respond to the following for this discussion:

  • Write your first impressions of the review. Do you think it is a fair review? Why or why not? What would make the review stronger? Post a revision, if you feel one is warranted.
  • If there is a reply to the review from the business, examine it. Is the reply well written? Why or why not? What would you have done differently? Rewrite the reply if you feel it needs to be rewritten. If there is no reply to the review, draft one. What should it include?

To help you get started, you can use the information about responding to reviews provided on Yelp’s Responding to Reviews page.

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