Business Plan Project

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Please following business plan proposal and part A-D to completed Part G. And for Part G, you can do double space 4-5 page.

G. Leadership & Personnel Strategy

1)Leadership Strategy

  • Your strategy for building working relationships with key professionals, business leaders, organizations and other businesses (for example, complementary businesses or perhaps competitors) If you have a board of directors or business advisory board, list the members in an appendix with a brief description of their position and experience
  • Describe your strategy for motivating your team to achieve business goals (e.g. involving the team in establishing and reviewing business goals and objectives, implementing a system of employee empowerment, implementing a recognition or incentive system). Also useful to talk about how management is motivated.

2) Personnel – This section describes your team and how the team can contribute to your business success.

A) List the owners/partners of your team (including yourself)

–describe the functions they will perform

–detail their strengths (e.g., skills, experience, and qualifications)

–include résumés in appendix (should be tailored for present business


B) List the employees you will be hiring

– how many, whether they are part-time or full-time, what their duties are

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