​Business Case Document

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Business Case Document on:

  • 1. Project Overview
  • 2. Strategic Alignment
  • 3. Cost Benefit Analysis
  • 4. Alternatives Analysis
  • 5. Approvals

HI i am looking for a business case document for the below project :


In today’s generation we are in need of medical assistance quite often, almost every person needs a practitioner for some or the other health issue. And I was thinking we should have an app where it we get to know the details of hospitals or practitioners near us through location search. Example:

  • List of nearest hospitals/clinic
  • List of Doctors
  • Details of Doctor’s Availability etc

Through this we get to save time on deciding where to go, after reaching their usually we need to meet the receptionist and give all the details to get an appointment. This process usually takes 30mins, but through this app we would save our time by entering all the details online where ever you are. The other best option is we would be able to upload all our medical records, which would help the doctor to review all our information before we reach. This app would help us and doctors to save a lot of time.

Problem Definition

The Patient Safety Network says that loss of lives and increased expenses arising from time wasted in locating hospitals, finding ready doctors and in waiting rooms has been on the high in previous times. Patients with emergencies or critical medical conditions which have a prevalence to attack suddenly such as heart and mental problems as well as maternal issues have been on the receiving end of this predicament. The time it takes to finally get them under the doctor’s attention is quite vital and delays usually lead to fatalities. With current lifestyles, such situations which require urgent medical attention are on the rise. As such, there is need to develop a system which allows for the reduction of the preparation time taken by hospitals to get ready for a patient.

Jul 28th, 2017


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