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hello, I want you to review my classmate’s project and give feedback in 3-4 pages, This is my prof comments about the peer review (You have received a data mining project to review on Canvas. Please use Appendix A (DS) and the CRISP-DM document as guidelines, drawing on the topics we have covered this semester. Your review should include both positive comments and constructive criticism. In these reviews, I will be looking for evidence of your knowledge of the course material applied to the ideas presented in the proposal, reflected as both strengths in the write-up of the proposed project, as well as areas of suggested improvement. Points will be deducted if you merely describe the proposal without offering any constructive criticism (both positive and negative), or if you neglect to address all the sections of the CRISP-DM framework in your review.

Your review should be approximately 2-4 pages. The gist of your comments will be returned, anonymously, to the authors of the project. Please don’t include your name in the file you submit, though you may use the standard file-naming convention. done

Now these are lessons we have covered so far from the DS book (DS means Data Science for Business. O’Reilly Media )- (Course Overview and Introduction، Data Description & Statistical Analysis، Business Intelligence & Visualization، Data Mining Overview، Predictive Modeling، Model Fitting، Avoiding Model Overfitting، Modeling Similarity – Neighbors & Clusters، Evaluating Models، Text, Web & Social Media Analytics، Other Data Science Tasks & Techniques، Data Science & Business Strategy – Evaluating Proposals ، Wrapping Up & Looking Toward the Future)

I will send you three

1- project you have to read it and give your feedback (Conceptual Model for Predicting
Indoor Air Quality )

2- CRISP file

3- two sample reviews for you to look

This work worths 100 points

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