Buddhism questions

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Hello, This is a discussion board questions. you don’t need to write too much. just answers the questions shortly and clearly.

Students will choose two selections (they can be short or long) from the “scriptures” in the Novak text and relate each text to a core teaching in Buddhism. What is the core teaching and how does it relate to the scripture? How does the scripture elucidate or illuminate the teaching?

NOTE: Students can just include the page number, you don’t have to write the whole passage out.

Part 2:

1. Students will craft two questions regarding Buddhism (any of the branches) that you want to submit to an “expert.” They can be regarding meditation practice, beliefs, rituals, etc. Nothing is off limits. Make sure the questions are in depth and show familiarity with the concepts in Buddhism. [For example, do not submit, “What are the core teachings of Buddhism?” You all are better than that!]


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