bossiness ethics

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1.Write a paper about Edward Snowden

Provide factual background

do not assume the reader knows the facts

1.avoid conclusory statements-state facts that support your opinions

For example: Who has said that NSA engaged in criminal activities and what specifically are they. -do not just say “NSA engaged in Criminal Activities”

1.Some have said that Snowden did all he could in his company before going public

Is this true?

what exactly did he do before “going public”

1.What criminal charges is he facing?
be specific- state specific charges

1.Whistle-blower 10/10/12 Executive order

does it apply to Snowden?-Explain

if it did, what should Snowden have done?

1.Does a first amendment defense apply to Snowden?

1.Does the federal Whistle-blower protections act apply

If it did, what should Snowden have done?

note”” plz make sure u dont write difficult word because im international student also write the qoustion than the answer

thank you

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