Best Practices for Teaching the Whole Adult ESL Learner writing homework help

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Read the article “Best Practices for Teaching the ‘Whole’ Adult ESL Learner” by David Schwarzer. This article was written for a different context than ours (something like the American Civic Association in downtown Harrisburg ). However, the article clearly lays out many fundamental principles that we will use in our ESL classrooms.

1. Various ideas were given in the reading section on motivation. In fact, many of our students are mainly motivated by the carrot of grades. What do you think you can add to the ESL class in terms of motivating our students to hone their English skills for other reasons? How do you, personally, motivate yourself when learning progress is difficult?

2. Choose one of the seven basic principles of the Whole-person Approach (pg 28). Describe how it was important in your own second language experience. How will you support this principle as an ESA?


1. 250 words for each question.

2. 100 words for others’ reactions comment. ( I will send you two

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