benner s stages of clinical competence part ii

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Post a short scenario of a clinical experience that you are not using for your Benner’s Competency Assessment assignment.

Severe Anxiety

Case scenario 1: Mary Presentation Mary is aged 42 years, divorced with two children, employed part time and cares for her mother who has Alzheimer’s disease. Past history Mary has no significant past medical history, although she frequently makes appointments with her GP and practice nurse about problems experienced by her and her children. She was moderately depressed following her divorce 5 years ago and was offered antidepressants but declined them. She was referred for six sessions of counselling, which led to some improvement in her symptoms. On examination Mary complains of feeling ‘stressed’ all the time and constantly worries about ‘anything and everything’. She describes herself as always having been a ‘worrier’ but her anxiety has become much worse in the past 12 months since her mother became unwell, and she no longer feels that she can control these thoughts. When worried, Mary feels tension in her shoulders, stomach and legs, her heart races and sometimes she finds it difficult to breathe. Her sleep is poor with difficulty getting off to sleep due to worrying and frequent wakening. She feels tired and irritable. She does not drink any alcohol.

  • Identify your level of competence in the scenario. ___Expert
  • Identify the Domain of Practice –_Diagnostic/Monitoring

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