B is the central atom and is an exception to the octet rule, requiring only 6 electrons. Since there are no lone pairs of electrons, the B-H and B-F bonds spread out from one another, resulting in trigonal planar geometry. The bonds are polar in the direction of F, so the molecule is polar.

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Which of the following choices could be an isomer of a compound with an empirical formula of C₂H₆O₂?


Accuracy is defined as how close a measured value comes to a _____ value.


Apple pie would be an example of a(n) __________.


How many electrons are in a neutral Si atom?


Which of these would a chemist most likely study?


What is the correct name for CoCl₂∙6H₂O?


How many bonding electrons are in the Lewis structure of PCl₃?


Which of the following has more core electrons than it does valence electrons?


Which of the following is a metalloid?


A 200.0 cg block at 55⁰F has a volume of 4.14 cm³.

Which answer choice represents BOTH the correct temperature of the block in Kelvin AND the correct density of the block in g/cm³?


Which of the following correctly expresses the value of 2.0 x 10 to the power of negative 3 end exponent in decimal notation AND in the SI unit for electric current?


Which of the following is polar and has trigonal planar molecular geometry?


To which of the following atoms is it likely easiest to add an electron?


Which of the following particles are found in an atom’s nucleus?


Which of these is more likely to be a gas at room temperature?


The scientific method requires the use of information that is based on observation or experimentation.

This type of information is called which of the following?


To which atom(s) was Bohr able to successfully apply his model?


Calculate the following using proper units and significant figures: (5.57 m / 0.63 m) – (1.11 m x 0.82 m)


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