Authentic Assessment Discussion Board

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The focus of this module is on the assessment of learning. In conjunction with this focus, let us begin by responding to the following questions:

First: As a child, how was your learning assessed? (Select two of the following environments in which to answer this question: (a) in the classroom, (b) at home, (c) on the playing field, (d) during a music lesson, and/or (e) during dance or singing lessons.

Second: As a teacher, instructor, and coach, how do you (or will you) assess your players’ learning?

Third: Please define the concept of “authentic assessment” and answer the question: Were you assessed authentically?

Support your discussion with a 150-word substantive content post supported by two appropriate relevant references. Respond to or evaluate three peer postings with responses of at least 125 words, which will allow you and your peers to generate creative ideas and concepts for your Case Assignment and SLP. In this forum, you need to post a minimum of four postings to receive the full credit. Each forum requires an initial input and three peer replies/critiques. (A minimum of four forum posts are required.)

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