Assignment Sheet: I-Search Oral Presentation

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Assignment Sheet: I-Search Oral Presentation



Assignment Goals


  • Hone skills in public speaking
  • Summarize your research for an intelligent audience.


Assignment Overview


You will present your current I-Search findings to the class. This is an oral report in which you will use at least one Slide or Word Document, and you will speak for about 5 minutes.




Your presentation should accomplish the following:


  1. Introduce yourself
  • Create a title slide that includes the title of your I-Search Paper, your name, the date, and an engaging visual.
  • Greet your audience and grab their attention with a “hook.” Be creative, but stay professional.


  1. Introduce your landmark and why you chose to learn more about it


  1. Report to the class what your research questions were


  1. State your focus for the paper / purpose for writing


  1. Share something interesting your learned from a source and quote it directly


  1. Bring your presentation to a close
  • Summarize what you learned in your I-Search
  • Open up the presentation for comments from the audience.




“Length”: about a 5 minute presentation, at least one slide / Word doc projection


Grading: Complete or Incomplete (this is low-stakes). Note: Assignment is worth 5% of your grade

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