Assignment: Disseminate Information to Stakeholders

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The outcome of a given program evaluation is oftentimes determined by the degree to which stakeholders are engaged throughout the program evaluation process. Program evaluators collaborate with stakeholders to identify all program evaluation activities, and they may even contribute to the creation of a Logic Model.

In last week’s Discussion, you received feedback from your colleagues and instructor about your plans to successfully communicate program evaluation information to stakeholders.

Presentations are an essential part of a sound communication program and an effective means of sharing information about the program evaluation with stakeholders. Now you will begin to craft a presentation, in which you will do the following:

  • Identify a timeline for collecting each type of data and dissemination of information in the Program Evaluation Matrix.
  • Begin to develop a presentation to disseminate information to stakeholders.
  • Your presentation* must include:
    • Setting for evaluation
    • Description of program being evaluated
    • Stakeholder Involvement
    • Data Collection
    • Dissemination of Information
    • Program Evaluation Summary
    • Request for Funding Information
    • Length: 7- to 10-slide presentation

*Note: As a continuation of your communication strategy, your Stakeholder Presentation will be included in an audio file you will create and share with Dr. Jones and other members of the program evaluation committee


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Along with others relating to this topic (peer reviewed articles)

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