Assignment Details Over the course of this term, you have studied several different classroom management models. You have also been exposed to many different case studies. For this assignment, you wil

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Assignment Details

Over the course of this term, you have studied several different classroom management models. You have also been exposed to many different case studies. For this assignment, you will write your own case study. You will think about your past and present teaching or work experiences and develop a case study based on a particular challenge in the classroom or workplace. You may choose to present a hypothetical or actual case study for this assignment. You will examine guiding principles, theories, and strategies that may be helpful in dealing with and potentially resolving this challenge.

You have also learned in this course about various interventions that can be used in the different classroom management models. Some of those interventions are positive behavioral interventions that are usually proactive, culturally appropriate applications of prosocial behavior that are practiced consistently with children/employees. It is a way to teach them appropriate social and life skills while avoiding the negative behaviors. Some of the other interventions learned about are consequence based, which involves a punitive action when the negative behavior is seen, such as a time-out, a suspension, or removal of a privilege.

For this assignment, you are to select a model from the ones addressed in your textbook. You will need to justify your selection and state specific ways you would incorporate the model into your classroom or work environment using positive behavioral interventions and how it would help move you toward resolution with the problem stated in your case study. You may choose to select more than one model and discuss how you would combine them. Be sure to justify this combination. You are expected to not only use the information provided in the course, but to also research the selected model on your own. You may even select a model that was not discussed in your course, but be careful to justify and explain your selection, as well as provide citation for this model. Your report should be 4–5 typed, double-spaced pages, and in APA format, including all cited material (textbook, articles, ebooks, links, etc.).

To complete this assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Identify a diverse learner who is displaying a behavior problem. (2–3 pages)

    1. Identify the student’s age, grade level, and a brief overview of the student’s background. (1 paragraph)
    2. Provide a detailed description of the student’s behavior problem, including how data regarding the behavior problem was obtained (observation, academic record, discipline report, etc.). (2–3 paragraphs)
    3. Discuss the different environments that affect the student’s behavior and their particular academic strengths and weaknesses.

      1. School Environment. The school environment is described in detail. (Climate, cleanliness, teachers, etc.). (1 paragraph)
      2. Community. The community is clearly described (neighborhood in general, living space, family unit, etc.). (1 paragraph)
      3. Classroom Teacher. The classroom teacher is described in detail (attitude, classroom management, relationship with students, etc.). (1 paragraph)
      4. Student’s Academic Strengths and Weaknesses. Both academic strengths and weaknesses are addressed in detail and the way that you arrived at these is addressed. (1–2 paragraphs)
  2. Explain how classroom management strategies based upon theory or model will be implemented with the student. (1–2 pages)

    1. Show understanding of the model. Identify the model by author and the name of the model (Ex. Fredric Jones’s positive classroom discipline). Explain why this model was chosen over others. Then clearly demonstrate full knowledge of the behavior model with many explanations, elaborations, and concrete examples that explain the major components of the model.
    2. Show how the model will be incorporated into the classroom. Identify and describe three or more classroom management strategies based upon the chosen model or theory and how the strategies will be incorporated into the classroom.

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