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Research Paper: Consciousness of Others – Inspirational Leader

Choose a leader from history (avoid using any pop culture icons) who inspires you as a growing leader. Research their experience, background, and how they are a leader within their vocation. Include examples to support how you view their Keirsey temperaments and compare and contrast to your own temperament. Paper should be 5-7 pages in length with at least 2 cited sources. Include in your paper answers to the following questions with concrete examples to support:

Based on strengthsfinder, what are their top 5 strengths?

How did this leader approach and handle an ethical dilemma?

Define: The leadership philosophy of the inspirational leader with concrete examples of living out their philosophy. Why or why not? Has your personal philosophy changed or been modified based on your research?

Explore: What leadership theories relate to how this person views leadership? How will you take his/her words of wisdom and apply them to your leadership, academic, and service development?



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