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Read the following poems:
• Lux, “A Little Tooth” (page 618)
• Frost, “The Road Not Taken” (page 624)
• Chandhok, “The Carpet Factory” (page 643)
• Suárez, “Isla” (pages 679 – 680)

1. “In 400 words explain the use of enjambment in Thomas Lux’s poem, “A Little Tooth.” In other words, what is the effect of Lux choosing to break the lines in his poem as he has? Pay close attention to the line breaks in these lines: ” … then she wants some meat / directly from the bone” and “she’ll fall / in love with cretins, dolts, a sweet / talker …” and “And you / your wife / get old, flyblown, and rue / nothing. Your response must include at least one scholarly source

2. “In popular culture, Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken” is thought to be about life choices and choosing one path over another. Yet, literary critic and scholar David Orr says that we could be oversimplifying this poem and that this poem is actually much deeper, much more grave. By closely exploring the word choice in Frost’s poem, make a case for Orr’s argument that this poem is about more than simply taking one road and not another. In other words, how can this poem be read as a deeper philosophical statement about free will or choice? Explore your response to these questions in 400 words; be sure to support your ideas with quoted passages and words from the poem itself. Your response must include at least one scholarly source. Be sure to properly cite

3. “In Suárez’s poem, “Isla” the speaker uses the character of Godzilla to describe the immigrant experience and makes parallels between himself (as an immigrant) and the unwanted monster, Godzilla. In 400 words, explain how Suárez’s use of imagery and descriptive phrases elicit sympathy in you as a reader. Hone in on at least FOUR images/descriptive phrases in the poem and be sure to explain WHY/HOW these images effect you as a reader. Your response must include at least one scholarly source. Be sure to properly cite.

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