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Drafting a Simple Contract

Final copy should be 2-3 pages in length

You are a business owner and one of your clients/customers has agreed to enter

into a contract with you for a service you provide. You will draft a simple contract

for this client detailing this agreement between your company and the client.



The contract

must include

all the legal elements and necessary terms to

ensure it is a valid contract.


You are to draft your own contract

. Do not use

any sample or templates

available on-line, in books or our textbook.

Based upon the business and service you picked in the lottery, you must

1. Name your company (make up a name)

2. Name your client (make up a name)

3. One brief introduction paragraph explaining your company and identify your

client (2 points)

4. When does the service you are providing occur for this client (1 point)

5. Any elements or terms to ensure the contract is valid (1 point)

6. When payment occur (1 point)

7. What if payment is late (1 point)

8. What if services are not provided on time (1 point)

9. What happens in case of a dispute between the parties or breach of contract

(1 point)

10. Signatures lines (1 point)

As indicated in the syllabus, this project is worth 10 points. The rubric includes

one point for each of the items listed above and 1 point for overall appearance,

format and grammar

5. Piano teacher who provides private lessons for adults only.


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