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The reading “Radicals Chasing Utopia” is an exploration of the individuals, groups and movements who are rejecting the way we live now, and attempting to find alternatives. In it, Jamie Bartlett, takes us inside the strange and unique worlds of the innovators, disruptors, idealists and extremists who think society is broken, and believe they know how to fix it. Bartlett sets out to describe and understand this new spirit of radicalism with various different aspects.

Directions: In this argumentative essay you will pick a chapter (I have chosen chapter 4: Prevent) read and develop an argument around the topic discussed. Take an angle/ a position on the chapters themes (some chapters have more than one, so you can pick), and develop a thesis around your claim. You will need to do an outline and write a 4 page essay double spaced arguing, analyzing, and discussing topic/chapter you have chosen. You can use only the book as a source to quote from in helping support your ideas. I have chosen chapter 4 from the book Radicals Chasing Utopia for you, and have attached it in a file.

Try to stay away from using big vocabulary words. Don’t forget to include an outline.


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