Assignment #3

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Review Case 22: LVMH in 2016: Its Diversification into Luxury Goods (Attached Below)

And the following videos:

Louis Vuitton Rules Global Luxury as Top Brand of 2015

Inside Louis Vuitton’s success

Answer the following:

1. What are the major elements of LVMH’s competitive strategy in the branded luxury products industry? How well do the pieces fit together? Is the strategy evolving?

2. How have LVMH’s corporate strategy choices strengthened or weakened its competitive position in the branded luxury products industry?

3. Is LVMH’s international strategy best characterized as a multi-domestic strategy, global strategy, or transnational strategy?

4. Does it make good strategic sense for LVMH to compete in all of its current segments? Which of its product lines — Wine and Spirits, Fashion and Leather Goods, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Watches and Jewelry, Selective Retailing, and Other — do you think is/are most important to LVMH’s future growth and profitability? Should one or more of these current segments be discontinued? Why?

5. What strategic issues confront LVMH in 2016? What market or internal circumstances should most concern CEO Bernard Arnault and his company’s senior leadership team?

6. What recommendations would you make to Arnault to address the strategic issues confronting LVMH in 2016 in order to sustain its impressive growth in revenues and profitability?

Calculate the following ratios for Nucor for 2016: (find and use the Nucor annual report:

  • a. Gross profit margin
  • b. Operating profit margin
  • c. Net profit margin.
  • d. Times interest earned coverage
  • e. Return on shareholders’ equity
  • f. Return on assets

g. Debt-to-equity ratio

Writing Requirements

  • The Essay must be 5 pages long.
  • Must have an introduction with a clear thesis statement, a body discussing the three main points and a conclusion
  • Conduct research to find relevant information using reliable sources to support your views.
    • (Use at least 2 academic books and 3 scholarly articles from a library database)
    • Use APA Style for in-text citations, and references

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