Assessing Dividend Policy, How would you describe your chosen company’s dividend policy?

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Assessing Dividend Policy*** Original Answer***Questions answered in full** with references** The
company that I picked for my final report is General Motor Corp!!!!
Each part labeled and answered,,,,

Revisit the company you chose for your Week Six Final
Project.  Using the annual report and other sources such as a 10k or
10q’s, discuss the dividend policy of your company.

Answer the following questions as part of your response:

  • How would you describe your chosen company’s dividend policy?
  • Why do you believe this company chose the dividend policy they have in place? 
  • Do you agree or disagree that they have selected the best dividend policy for the company?
  • How might this dividend policy function in both perfect and imperfect capital markets?
  • Calculate the dividend rate over the past 5 years. 
    Define why you believe that it has or has not changed over the last 5

Support your position with evidence from the text or external sources. 
should be 200-250 words in length.

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