As I’m reading the book, my first impression is that this book is interesting because the author uses first

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Write a helpful response for each one of these. Your response should start with I agree with…..

Each response 1 & 2 should be at least 100 words

1) As I’m reading the book, my first impression is that this book is interesting because the author uses first, second and third person to tell the story. It takes us back in time and brings us to the present as he is telling the story. For instance, at the beginning of the book the narrator describes June as a lonely woman who meets with a man at a bar and decides to have sex with him. When they are done, he falls asleep, and she decides to walk home in the middle of a snowstorm and that is when she dies.

When all the family come together after the dead of June, the narrator becomes a young girl name, Albertine, who is mad at her mom because she didn’t want to tell her about her aunt’s dead. When she arrives to the house, her mom and aunt keep having arguments and show that they don’t like each other. I think the author is telling us how most families behave.

I am not sure what the significance of these chapters are really, but as I was reading, it reminded me of my own family. There were times where I felt like Albertine, pressured by my mom about getting marry and finding the right guy as she described. In other parts of the book when the aunt and mom are criticizing their nephew’s wife, I remember when my bother’s used to do the same with my sister-in-law. So far I like how the author describes each event.

My question is, what is the purpose of this novel, I get it that describes how the families behave, but what does the author wants us to know or learn if anything?

2) Death can be a hard thing for anyone to deal with. That is what the main character, Albertine Johnson, struggles with in the book Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich. Her Aunt June passes away and she gets a letter from her mother about the funeral. We see here that she didn’t attend the funeral which results in Albertine not getting closure: “At first it made me so angry that Mama hadn’t called me for the funeral that I couldn’t even feel the proper way for Aunt June” (Erdrich 8). This is part of the reason Albertine struggles with her Aunt’s death. Part of Albertine’s character is revealed when she speaks about her mother not wanting her: “She should have gone up the nun’s hill to the covent, like she wanted, instead of having me” (Erdrich 10). This shows us that Albertine feels like she is not wanted or appreciated by her mom and possibly her family in general. The first section of the book is important because we see background information on the type of person June was, as well as her last night on earth before she died. The second section of the book here is important, because we see how her death effected Albertine, and we also get to see what kind of person she is. The storytelling process we see here is nested loops, because we have seen two different viewpoints of the story so far. My initial impression of the book is that it is going to be a sad drama, but I am interested to see what happens in Albertine’s life and the way she handles her Aunt’s death. The way the book is written and the plot makes me question what kind of life the author had. One question I would have about the book would be to ask why Albertine’s mom is not more nurturing and mother-like. I noticed her mom was not excited to see her after not talking to her for two months, and this is hard for me to understand because my mom is always happy to see me no matter how much time has passed.

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