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1. Article Presentation and Discussion Question Assignment

  1. Eachstudentwillbeexpectedtofacilitateaclassdiscussiononceduringthe course based on an article of the student’s choosing from a peer-reviewed, scholarly Industrial/Organizational Psychology Journal (see examples below). Each student will sign up for a week when their article handout and discussion questions will be due during the first week of class. There will be at least TWO student presenters per week, beginning the second week of class.
  2. ArticleandPresentationRequirements:
    1. The presenter should prepare a 1-2 page summary handout of thearticle which should be provided to all classmates as an attachment (Word or PDF document). The following areas should be addressed in the presentation:
      • Name of article, journal, authors, and year of publication
      • Summary of article
      • Research methods used
      • Description of participants
      • Research question (i.e., what were the authors attempting to answer?)
      • What were the findings of the study?
      • What were the limitations of the study?
      • Do you think the study answered the questions? Was itconducted properly? What would you do differently?
      • What future research questions did the study lead to?
    2. Any articles NOT from a journal example listed below must receive instructor approval.
    3. Journal articles presented should be no more than 5 years old.
    4. The article must be related to a health care setting, health carepersonnel, or service delivery models in a health care environment.
  3. In addition to the article handout, the presenter is required to post TWOdiscussion questions to the group. Although the chosen articles may focus on any area in I/O Psychology, the discussion questions should reflect application to health information management.
  4. Weekly participation points will be based on each student’s thoughtful and thorough response to the presenter’s discussion questions.
  5. The article handout and discussion questions must be attached and posted NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY OF THE ASSIGNED WEEK.
  6. Student responses to discussion questions are due NO LATER THAN SUNDAY OF THE SAME WEEK.
  7. As a reminder, article summaries, discussion questions, and responses MUST be written in a professional, scholarly manner, meaning proper grammar, correct spelling, complete sentences, and proper punctuation. Deviation from scholarly standards will results in reduced points.
  8. Examples of Journals acceptable to use for this assignment: Academy of Management Journal (AMJ), Journal of Occupational and Organizational

Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Academy of Management Review Journal (AMR), Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Journal of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Articles from journals other than those listed above must receive prior approval from instructor.

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