ARTA 200 Discussion Board W5

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– 200-300 Words

Visit and select an image from the winners’ gallery.

Using the knowledge you’ve learned so far, analyze and describe the three major components of the image (Subject, Form, and Content), and which if any of the six gestalt principles (Figure/Ground, Similarity, Proximity, Closure, Continuity, Symmetry) are evident to you in the composition. Please refrain from discussing why you like the image. The point of this dialog is to practice analyzing an image in terms of its Subject, Form, and Content and to discuss these components in an intelligent manner. See below for a reminder of each component’s meaning in the context of photography.

Subject: The subject can be defined as what the image is about — its meaning or concept…it’s possible for the subject of a photograph to not be visibly present in the image…(such as hope or dreams or other things which are not nouns)
Content: …refers literally to the image contents. Image content (also referred to as subject matter) can be defined as persons, places, or things that are visibly present or identifiable in the image…content can be abstract or nonrepresentational too. In these cases the remaining component of the image — its form — might itself be the subject…
Form: refers to all means through which various content (persons, places, or things that are visibly present or identifiable in the image) is arranged, unified, and presented. Form encompasses the design methods used to compose a work of art…Also called composition, form in a photograph includes the traditional design elements (line, shape, value, texture, and color)…quality of light…vantage point, etc.

Digital Photography : Complete Course

Author: David Taylor

ISBN-13: 978-146543607

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