Art VirtualMuseum

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Find a VirtualMuseum Tour where you are on line and get to move through the museum from your perspective and with your point of view. Please find one on your own or use any one of these links- select the one museum that has a virtual tour, you must be able to look through the museum on your own

(do not use YouTube)

see if these museums have virtual tours (check Google) (this has an obnoxious ad pop up However, worth the time to simply go past it)…


1. Name the museum with the virtual tour that you used

2. explain what was great about the virtual visit

3. explain what was terrible about the virtual visit

4. write a conclusion, chose A) or B). Is the ‘in person’ museum visit or the ‘virtual museum visit’ your preference? From your perspective A) Is the in person museum visit exceptional and great or B) Explain why the virtual museum is better. If you chose to argue that the virtual museum tour is your preference you must be able to clearly state which art works or artists you were able to experience.

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