Art Historical Analysis

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Final Art Historical Analysis

DIRECTIONS: Using examples from the weekly module content (only Weeks 9

– 15, Chapters 7 – 13), compose a 5-page response (using proper essay etiquette)

to one of the following statements of your choice:

1. It is essential to consider the context of an artwork in order to fully

understand its meaning and function.

2. Artworks have often been employed for functional religious purposes, as

well as to distribute religious ideas.

3. The meaning of particular artworks transforms over time depending on the

context in which it is being viewed or, in some cases, re-used.

4. Art historians have employed a number of methods in order to understand

and interpret artworks from ancient and pre-modern periods.

NOTE: This long-answer essay response is “open-book” and will require you to use

sources such as the course textbook, the video tutorials, or other links, books,

articles, or information from outside sources. All of these sources MUST be cited

using proper MLA or CMS-style citations. See Citing Sources on the Consortium

Library site for help.

TIP: Don’t try to write about everything we’ve seen in the second half of this

course. Limit yourself to a few examples from 2-3 different cultures, styles, or

time-periods. Choose examples which best represent your chosen statement.

Course Information to help with assignment:–1ROK3sOpPvU1-MvMGa-K–1ROK3sOpPvU1-MvMGa-K…………

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