Aristotle Questions and Stoic questions

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Respond thoughtfully to five (5) questions from the Post-Reading Reflections questions in Chapter 7, and five (5) Post-Reading Reflections questions in Chapter 8. Make sure you number each response.

Chapter 7

Distinguish between form and matter according to Aristotle.

Identify and describe the Four Causes.

What is entelechy, and how is it significant to Aristotle’s ethics?

What according to Aristotle is the relationship between soul and body?

Describe the hierarchy of souls. How does the hierarchy of souls relate to self-realization?

Chapter 8

What is Cynicism? How did Cynicism influence Stoicism? Be specific.

What is Logos?

How are the Logos and fate related in Stoicism?

What is the relationship of Socrates to Cynicism and Stoicism?

What is the disinterested rational will, and why is it important to Stoic docrtrine?

Can you find additional examples of Stoicism today/

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