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Unit 4 Lesson 9: Aqueous Solutions and the Concept of pH Apply

In this lesson, you learned about calculating hydronium and hydroxide concentrations, calculating pH, and calculating hydronium concentration using pH. Now, you will demonstrate your ability to perform these calculations by responding to the following prompts. Make sure that you are showing all the steps of your work for each response.

  • Determine the hydronium and hydroxide ion concentrations in a solution that is 2.0 × 10-2 M NaOH
  • Determine the pH of a solution that is 5.0 × 10-4 M HNO3+
  • Determine the pH of a 3.45 × 10-2 M Sr(OH)2 solution.
  • The pH of a solution is determined to be 7.0. What is the hydronium ion concentration of this solution?
  • The pH of an aqueous solution is measured as 5.00 Calculate the [H3O+] and the [OH-].

“Make sure to show your work, and your answers should be provided with the correct amount of significant figures.”


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