Appraise Qualitative Data Analysis Software Questions

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In Weeks 1-3, you offered a scholarly-supported rationale for the choice of the qualitative method for doctoral research and selected a specific research design as well as data collection and analysis methods aligned well with the specific research design. In the Week 4 assignments, you will further consider whether the use of CQDAS or manual data analysis is most appropriate for the design choices made thus far for your educational problem of inquiry. Please note: It is important to complete Assignment 1 before moving on to Assignment 2, as your results of Assignment 1 will inform Assignment 2.

Assignment Instructions:

Prepare a simple 5-column evaluation table using Microsoft Excel or Word and evaluate at least five criteria for two CQDAS applications of your choice.

  1. In the far-left column, identify the two CQDAS applications to be evaluated. (NVivo and Hyper Research)
  2. In Columns 2-4, identify the specific criteria you will use to consider the applications.
  3. Below the table, offer a full paragraph to justify your preference between the two applications based on your evaluative criteria. Cite your rationale using appropriate scholarly literature or research guides.

Length: 1 page

References: Cite a minimum of 3 scholarly resources used to conduct and support your CQDAS evaluation.

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