Anders article

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Anders, G. (2015, Jul 29). That “useless” liberal arts degree has become tech’s hottest ticket. Forbes Magazine.

Understanding the article as a whole. Review the reading skills listed in your textbook on pages 90-97. Pay attention to the parts you highlighted and annotated and answer the following questions:

What is your general take away from this article?

What points do you agree with?

What points do you disagree with?

Select at least 3-5 words which are unfamiliar to you and provide a definition of each.

Deconstructing the article:

  1. Explain the following quote: “Throughout the major U.S. tech hbs, whether Silicon Valley, Seattle, Boston, or Austin, Tex., software companies are discovering that liberal arts thinking makes them stronger.” Give at least three examples from the article where they illustrate this point. (Hint: Think Slackbot etc.)
  2. What is “OpenTable”? Summarize how tech experts and other fields collaborated to continue to improve it.

Building skills towards CTP 1:

  1. . The article mentions “STEAM” What does it stand for? What is the significance of adding the “A”? Do a little bit of research. Can you find other news stories which discuss STEAM? What are the advantages/disadvantages you can glean from perusing some of the articles?

2. Choose one of the articles you found and write the citation in APA format.

3. Summarize the article in 3-5 sentences.

4. This article was written in 2015. Samsel (2017) revisited this idea more recently in 2017. What does the author summarize from Anders (2015)? How does Samel (2017) add to the knowledge shared from Anders (2015)?

5. Synthesize: What are three important takeaways you have learned from any of the articles? What connections can you make between the information reviewed thus far? Has the information you learned changed your perspective on higher education? Why or why not?

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