Analysis of Laocoon and His Son′s art – 1250 words

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Must have:

– clever title

– name of the artwork (popular title)

– Location of the artwork (museum,site, etc.)

– Cultural Period of the art (Late Roman, Classical Maya, etc.)

– Estimated or actual date of artwork

– Classification of the artwork

– Its material construction/medium

– List 4 to 5 published references using American Anthropological Association style format (AAA citations) (must be sources used in paper)

– double-spaced, with 14 point font. The paper will develop along a core thesis argument, analyze the formal and stylistic features of “The statue of Laocoön and His Sons”

and place it within its proper cultural context. You will interpret the work’s significance as it relates to the thesis statement and how it reflects aspects of its time, style, school and culture

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