Analysis image of breast cancer using mamography assignment help

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I have to write paper about comprehensive analysis image of breast cancer using mammography. i already write 12 pages but i need you to add more information and write about 10 more pages. (you can find what i wrote as attached).

Please add information based on literature reviews on:

– Talk about the breast cancer.

– Why we use Mammogram modality not other modalities? i.e. what is the advantages of mammogram over other modalities in diagnosis breast cancer? What is the value of mammogram?

– Broaden my discussion of the Methodology, why was the test administered in this way? Were there other options? Why was this one chosen? (why we use ANOVA, T-test, U-test and Kruskal-Wallis tests not other type of tests?) Offer citations from research that supports the methodology.

– Add sentences to the conclusion.

– Discuss Table 2 in the text to provide further information and detail to the reader.

Please be aware of Plagiarism because it is taken seriously. This is 12 inches, APA style, Double spaces paper. please be aware of sources good sites such google scholar and pubmed.

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