An analysis of Coca Colas IMC strategy

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You will continue the case analysis of the organization/product/service/campaign you chose as the focus of IMC Case Part 1. This final paper continues the analysis of those IMC efforts. You must use at least 12 references and the textbook as supporting evidence. The paper must be written in current APA format, be 7–9 pages, and have at least 12 cited references. Note: IMC Case Part 1 is not included in your page count.

Your paper must have the sections listed below, following the title page, and all formatted according to current APA format. Your paper must include these sections in this order:

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • IMC Strategy
  • Challenges and Description of Market
  • Target (of IMC campaign)
  • Tactics
  • Why Did They Succeed?
  • Lessons for Your Life/Work
  • Conclusion
  • References

Note: Not all sections are created equal. Some of the above may be a paragraph or two, while others may be several pages. See the IMC Case Part 2 Grading Rubric for weight of various sections.


Attached is a copy of the first paper and the grading rubric for the second paper.

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