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You may notice that the assignment is repeated three times. That is because you need to complete this assignment for three of the eleven poems in this unit. Pick your favorite! Don’t like any of them? Pick the ones you hate the least! Or the most! Or pick three that you want to understand more. It doesn’t much matter which three you analyze, so long as you show me that you can in fact analyze three different poems.

Read each poem three times. Each time you read, complete one section of this assignment. Read slowly and thorough, so you notice details. Complete this assignment for at least three poems.

I will upload the document. So just open it and fill it out and answer all the questions. I have already chosen the poems that the assignment will be based on. Please use these 3 poems.

The rainy day –
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

To Maiden – stephen crane

Mending wall – robert frost

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