AIB Problems

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Review the AIB simulation in this week’s lecture before completing this assignment. Download the AIB problems homework assignment (Links to an external site.). Read the assignment instructions provided in the document carefully.

Submit your assignment (MS Word document).

Before starting this homework assignment, please review the AIB simulation in this week’s lesson. This simulation will provide you with an understanding of how to create a network diagram, and how to do a forward and backward pass to determine the ES, LS, EF, LF, and slack (float). You will also learn how to determine the duration of the project, and the critical path.

In this homework assignment, you will be working through four Activity In Box (AIB) problems. Using the activity, duration, and predecessor information given in this document, you should first construct a network for each project. [Each problem will have its own network.]

Once you have constructed the network, please answer the corresponding questions. Once you answer the questions, please submit your responses. You do not have to submit your network diagrams, the answers to the questions are sufficient.

Good Luck!

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