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Review several of your classmates’ posts, and respond with a minimum 150 words to those who discussed an advantage or disadvantage different from your own.  Elaborate on the relevance of their findings to the context of the standards movement.  Challenge your classmates by asking a question that may cause them to reevaluate or add components to their initial response.

At my job we have certain standards and assessments and accountability, For the students, teachers, and parents that come into our school. I read what  the standards were for the students in chapter 11. The teachers weather new or old should know what to teach and how to teach it for the students for they can meet their standards for that class or subject. Since the students need to know the right things in a certain subject area and be able to do it.  Every teacher across the country teaches a different way but should always have the same standard and accountability when it comes to the students, that is to give them knowledge, to be responsible and to be a productive citizen and always shoot for excellence in life, themselves and their the way they perform in the classroom and in their studies. An advantage is that the teacher teaches the standard information and holds the students accountability and then assess them on that accountability. a disadvantage is that even though the teacher teaches the standard information their are some students that will not grab and my not even understand the subject or the information on the subject. 
Lorranine (Reina) Floyd in chapter 11, said teaching is like perfection— it isn’t something to be obtained, but to continuously strive for, to engage students, meet them where they are,and help them rise to where they need to be.

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