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locate a research article that pertains to the research area that your group has picked. This must be a research article, meaning that it had to involve an experiment or observation of some sort, where the effects of something were measured. Do NOT choose an article that simply summarizes or compiles other research, or one that discusses something in general terms–It will be impossible to answer the questions if you do.

Once you have chosen an appropriate article, read it, cite it, and answer these four questions about it:

–What is the author’s goal?

–What questions remain unanswered? Which research question is the most pressing in your mind?

–If I had to design an experiment to test this most pressing hypothesis, what would I do?

–What are the independent, dependent, and confounding variables?

(Pay very close attention to these four questions, and especially the last two. You must create a research question that can be tested using an experiment. Note that a research experiment is different from simply observing something, or collecting and analyzing some data. An experiment would involve your manipulating independent variables and then measuring the outcomes (dependent variables.) If you do not pick a research experiment, you will not be able to answer the fourth question.)

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