act you went to 2 different concerts and answer the question requirement

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Concert Description/Title

Concert Date

Concert Time

Concert Location

1. List of Program/music performed

a. Titles and composers of each piece.

2. 1-2 Paragraph description of Musicians/performers

a. What kind of instruments? What style(s) of music? Where are they from? Anything

interesting or unique about this performance?

3. 1-2 Paragraph description of performance elements of performance

a. Describe the performance using musical terminology (timbre, rhythm, form, style,


b. Describe the performance quality using musical terminology (pitch, rhythmic

alignment, articulations, uniformity of style, etc.)

4. 1-2 Paragraph description of expressive elements of performance

a. What mood/emotion/character/feeling was being conveyed by the performance?

b. How effective were the musicians at evoking the desired


c. Did you like the performance? Did you like the music? Would you recommend?

d. Synthesize all elements of the performance into an informed aesthetic critique.

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