Accounting Discussion Questions

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Please include references with each response. I only need like a couple of detailed paraghrapsh for each discucion

1- Find an article that discusses the European debt crisis in the context of government bonds. In your posting this week, briefly review the article (in four or five sentences) and then comment on how the article relates to bonds. Please do not duplicate articles that your classmates have already chosen.

2- Conduct research on various generalized audit software programs that are currently available. Select one and provide a detailed review of how it can be used to assist with the audit process from planning to completion of the audit. Please cover different software options by ensuring you are not repeating the posts of your classmates. Therefore, review prior posts before selecting software for review.

3- All audits should have a well-developed time budget, which is used to determine the audit fee. Suppose your client representative reviewed the time budget and noticed a significant amount of time is being allocated to inventory observation. To reduce audit fees, she proposes a significant reduction in time by offering to provide a representation letter regarding the inventory balance. Please discuss the sufficiency of this audit evidence. Discuss and explain the additional information you will need to determine how to respond to the client.

4- If you were a value investor, you would be someone searching for undervalued stock by analyzing firms financial data and forming an estimate of the true value of their stock. Present a problem that might arise in adopting a value-investing strategy. Do not duplicate problems discussed by fellow students.

5 – In this module, we are studying capital budgeting as a tool to determine whether a long-term asset should be purchased. The process we follow could be used in other applications, such as the following:

  • Mergers and acquisitions of companies,
  • Decisions to expand or downsize a business,
  • Decision to change jobs,
  • Decision to take online courses, or
  • Pricing a product.

In this weeks discussion board, explain specifically how the capital budgeting tool could be modified to be used in one of these applications—or in a completely different application you identify. Feel free to use an example you have experienced in your career.

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