About page an half PSY200 assignment

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Part 1:

Hunger Pang Journal…For 3 days, try to avoid eating at habitual times and in response to external cues. Instead, delay eating until your ‘body’ says that you are hungry.

Over the 3 day period…..record the following for each thing you eat/drink: (1 page minimum)

*Time of day;

* Item eaten/drank (What did you eat);

*Emotional State;

*Thoughts (What were you thinking just before you ate?);

*Setting (Where did you eat?)

After completing this activity, respond to the following: (1/2 page minimum)

–How did it feel to do this activity?

–Was it difficult? If so, why…..if not… .why not?

–What patterns did you notice in your eating habits?

–Share any other thoughts, views, ideas about this experience…..What did you learn about yourself,your needs, drives, and motivation from this activity?

Part 2:

Visit the following website:


Respond to the following IN A THOROUGH AND COMPLETE MANNER:

Define anger.

What is the effect of expressing your anger destructively?

What are the physiological reactions to anger?

What is the goal of anger management?

What are ways to control your anger and cope with this emotion?

Part 3:

Describe an incident (recent or in the past) in which you ‘lost your temper.’Describe the situation and circumstances and how you responded. How would you handle this differently if you were faced with a similar challenge? (1/2 page minimum)


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