about Comp and Modern English

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Assignment 1:

I have a class called Comp and Modern English. I need to finish an Example Essay.

Minimum Length: 650 words

An essays that utilizes examples to support the claims made in its thesis must be careful to 1) offer reliable examples and 2) be able to connect those examples to its central claim.

The theme is write an essay on your view of the purpose of a college education. Make sure to craft a strong thesis and provide critical supporting examples to illustrate and support your claim.

Assignment 2:

write a grammar Assessment Journal about the essay.

Like your understanding of the grammar of your own essay and evaluation, which places are good, where the need to improve.

(200 words)

Assignment 3:

Explain your thesis for you wrote (Example Essay). This is an essay that relies on examples to provide the support for the critical idea you are offering in the thesis. Post a thread with your tentative thesis. Make sure your thesis is making a clear statement and offering a deeper idea that you will then prove the truth of through the examples you will share and analyze. (200 words)

Note: Please submit each of the three different files to me. You can not copy any other person’s work, you have to be done independently, I will check it. this task is very important to me. Please make sure you have good writing skills.


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