A research Paper theme of Western music, art & design homework help

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You are required to compose a well-written research paper, biographical study on
any topic of their choosing within the theme of Western music, 1750–present. You may document a
specific topic area covered in class, or you can do your research on a musical tradition not mentioned
within the purview of this course. The idea behind this project is that students will spend time
researching, experiencing, and delving into greater detail, using creative analysis and historical
precedent to present a topic that can be communicated in a concise format. The content of the
project should be well researched, well told, and substantially framed.

Written work (research papers and biographical studies) should be submitted double-spaced, in a
standard 12-point font, at least 8 pages. It should have properly cited sources that are listed at
the end of the document.

The detail requirement is on the file below, should fit the requirement of A paper.

It’s better to be the analyse the major work of a composer like Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninov Chopin, Liszt etc, or write a research paper on their career. If possible, give your title first and start writing.


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